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will we last

I'm in love with My army man. He makes me happy. I never believed in love until he introduced it to me. He tricked me into loving him and I allowed him to for whatever reason. We met at job orientation. Lol I would always catch him looking at me too funny. later on he admitTed he was scared to approach but I was sitting in the back of the room waiting for the instructor to return and he was sitting to My left. It was freezing so I said it's freezing in here out loud. He moved closer and asked would you like My jacket? I said No I don't want your jacket I'm fine. He said you just said you were cold. Lol I said no thank you I'm good. And that's was our first conversation. Short and sweet. He is so sweet to me even when I'm a b**** to him. He's gone now. In basic training. I'm bit sure how long distance relationships work or alot about the army so I just been wondering will we last threw this? He's been gone for about a month and it's already been so hard. Idk but what I do know is I love him. Curious to see what lays ahead of him me and us

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will we last, posted February 3rd, 2013

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